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Sato Takeru teaching Kumamon how to sheathe the Sakabatou ^^x

These two…. awwww… cutest ever!!! <3

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TAKA : run

♥ this moment when these dorks are together

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Thanks, Dessy!

Thank you so much <3 <3

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You can buy the song here

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Some photos from Holmdel, NJ which was ONEOKROCK’s last day. We formed a super tight bond with these guys and are sad to see them go. As a tribute to them, the whole Watsky/Wax crew wore ONEOKROCK t shirts and we played a part of their song as a mash up in our set. Video of that coming soon… They will be missed on BeatPort!

Photos and Post by Ellie Stills


Lately, I feel like my vision is often dimmed.
I usually have low blood pressure. Tomoya.

It took me a while to update!
Everyone, it’s been a long time.

Speaking of us, since a little while ago, we started the Warped Tour,
we’re spending every day while living in our bus and suntanning day…


So yesterday was most likely the last time I saw my most favorite number one band live this year.
I’ve seen them live four times and met them twice already…unbelievable. I first got into ONE OK ROCK I believe when they first released their ‘The Beginning’ music video. So I consider it knowing of them for a while now. I remember when I was on YouTube watching Kaimu live performance and I thought it would be super fun to meet them and see them live. It happened… I saw and met them more than once. It wasn’t easy at all I sacrificed clothes, food, and things I really wanted for them. Guys dreams do come true work hard for them! This isn’t a review for Chula Vista Warped just a small thing I decided to do.

Anyways I’ll talk a bit about each member and how they acted towards me both times when I met them…let’s start from oldest to youngest.

~ Tomoya! <3 (wishing you a happy birthday again) : Tomoya oh my gosh..when I first met him he was literally the cutest thing ever to me. When I talked to him he shakes his head up and down so much while giving me a warm smile. Yesterday we gave Tomo a cute birthday card as a gift and it plays a song when you open it (Bad to the Bone) and he was SUPER happy smiling and everything. He opened it and listened then laughed. Tomo is really polite if you ask him for a hug he will say “yeah yeah” and hug you! He bows to you when you meet him and smiles the whole time you talk to him. I was recording yesterday and he got in front of the camera and did something (I’ll be uploading the video on my YouTube channel later so I’ll link it to you guys).

~ Taka c: <3 : Taka had a different vibe towards my sister, cousin, and I. He kept staring at us while on stage making direct eye contact each time we saw him. One of their friends called Taka so we could give him a gift we made them and he came to us with a huge smile on his face and the whole time he was talking to us he had a humongous smile planted on his face. When I took a pic with him the second time he grabbed me by my shoulder and squeezed me super tightly onto him with his hand cause there was a small space between us so he pulled me close to him. The first time I met him when were taking a picture same thing there was a small space between us so he put his head closer to mine and just got really close to me. >//< Overall, Taka is so kind he jumped into the crowd again but yeah Taka is not intimidating at all very nice guy <3

(Alright here comes the good part that might be hard for me to explain and hard for you to understand)
~ Toru <3 : Alright Toru is the Awkward Gachapin. Seriously Toru and I are very awkwardly nice to each other. Like beyond nice xD We can talk without a problem its just we both get nervous around each other for some reason. I might be intimidating to him or something. So I was watching him backstage like stalking him and from the corner of my eye he was just constantly looking over at me xD I think e thought I looked familiar cause my cousin and I in Pomona warped confused the living crap out of Toru xD so yeah Toru and I basically have this really shy nice awkward aura around each other lol Also I happily told him that I’ve seen them four times all hyper and he smiled and was shocked heh and he was like “wow! Thank you” and smiled at me. And …and when I hugged him for the last time he looked at me with open arms and a smile waiting for me to hug him ;//^//;

~ Lastly Ryota! <3 : Ryota is very funny! So cute! Gaaah okay so I have a video of Ryota dancing to another band I’ll post it later as well. We told Ryota that he should be in interviews from now on and he said “yeah yeah… buut I’m very very bad at English!” And we were like noooooooooo! And he said thank you thank you! I gave Ryota a high five after taking that full body pic! I accidentally called Ryota Taka for some reason I was out of it I guess but he didn’t notice xD

So I got my 3DS signed and I when i asked the one of the Japanese staff if they could sign my 3DS too and he looked at me shocked and said “you want this signed?” and I said “YES!” And he was like “you’re brave to get this signed” LOL YES I ALLOW MY BBYS TO SIGN SOMETHING THATS IMPORTANT TO ME! Then when OOR was signing my 3DS they were pointing at it and smiling at each other xD

Lastly, I had a very amazing and fun experience with an oorer I met up with that some of you may be familiar with sensitivegoldfish. She’s one of the nicest people I have met! She’s really pretty and gaaah just nice and funny. I really hope we could start attending OOR concerts together in the future! Oh and thanks to her boyfriend for fighting back that stupid guy moshing and pushing us against the barricade during Stuck in the Middle. To that guy thanks a lot jerk my freaking chest hurts cause of your ignorant childish behavior!!! >:p
Besides all that I had a great time ilk upload my vids in a bit!

P.S. : I’m sorry for my face it was quite humid or it was just my body temp but I was still hot and sticky. I felt gross I had to add filters cause eww xD (that reminds me my cousin asked tomo for a hug after their peormance and he was like “but I’m sweaty” so cute and considerate!)





Thank you so fucking much.

im in teaaars

I will never not reblog this because this guy right here is the best example you could ever have for how to care for an animal in need.

Props to this guy. Thank you for doing what the rest of us wernt around for.

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One ok Rock, warped tour 2014. Finally met them ! 

Awwwwwww YOU SO LUCKY 

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